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Product information

The New Standard Premium Clamping systems offer the ultimate in :

  • precision
  • ease of operation
  • bending freedom
  • clamping performance
  • load bearing capacity
  • durability.

The entire tool pressure surfaces are CNC-Deephardened® (approx. 56HRc) to minimize wear and provide a high level of performance and accuracy for the long term. The clamping has been designed in such a way that even tool segments as small as 10 mm/0.394" can be clamped and positioned individually. Clamping is suitable for both head and shoulder bearing tools.

Maximum tool weight
The maximum tool weight is that can be clamped  by the Premium clamping system

  • Hydraulic clamping system  300 kg/meter
  • Manual clamping system 180 kg/meter

Hydraulic New Standard Clamping Systems for Automation
Together with Wila’s Universal Press Brake Concept, with the optimal control of Tx alignment, and the New Standard tools, the hydraulic New Standard Clamping systems are especially suitable for automatic tool changeovers with the utilization of robots.

All New Standard Premium Clamping systems come standard with Guards on the ends of the clamping units. These Guards (see picture) have been provided with a cast steel insert to facilitate horizontal insertion of tools. In addition, the Guard prevents damage to the clamping systems and tools

Hydraulic Power Pack
For all the hydraulic clamping systems, Wila supplies a suitable Hydraulic Power Pack with either remote control operation or operation via the press brake control. In case of fewer changeovers, the clamping can also be pressurized with an attractively priced manual pump, allowing you to take advantage of the flexibility of hydraulic clamping at a lower cost. With all clamping models, the hydraulic connection can be installed on either side of the clamping system.

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