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Wila, the Press Brake Productivity People

For more than 80 years, Wila has supplied trend-setting press brake tools and accessories worldwide for press brake builders and users. Wila continues to invest in the latest bending technology. Objective: raise productivity of the press brake in the market for sheet metal working to ever-greater heights.

Innovations EuroBlech

Between 21 and 25 October, Wila will be attending the most important trade fair in the plate processing industry: the EuroBlech in Hannover. Our stand will feature the latest Wila innovations, including E2M® (Easy to Move), the Smart Tool Locator® (STL), V-Lock and CRM 7. For the first time EuroBLECH is presenting ‘Champions in Sheet Metal Working’, an online competition to recognize outstanding innovations. Wila's latest innovation E2M® and the V-Lock both participate in this competition. Voting has now closed. The official award ceremony will take place on October 22th.

EuroBlech 2014: V-Lock

The V-Lock makes it possible to further improve bottom-tool positioning. A groove at the back of the tool is used to automatically align bottom tools in X and Y directions, and to firmly clamp them in place. This, for instance, prevents tools from sliding or being pulled upwards during the bending process. The V-Lock helps to significantly improve accuracy and safety in the bending process. Being able to accurately position tools is also a very important factor due to the increasing level of automation.

As of 01-01-2015, the V-Lock will accompany all New Standard & American Style products without extra charge (!) in the OZU & OM categories. And from the same date, New Standard Crowning and Bottom Tool Holders (with hydraulic clamping) will be supplied with specifically modified clamping pins.

EuroBlech 2014: E2M® (Easy to Move)

With the new Wila innovation E2M® (Easy to Move) you will be able to quickly and safely change (often heavy) tools and thus significantly reduce changeover times. This provides a major boost as far as productivity is concerned. E2M® bearings in the tools can be activated in no time at all, which means (heavy) tools can be moved easily, safely and quickly. This also helps to reduce workload for operators due to improved ergonomics.

The E2M® system is available for all upper- and lower tools that weigh more than 12.5 kg.

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