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Wila, the Press Brake Productivity People

For more than 80 years, Wila has supplied trend-setting tools and accessories worldwide for press brake builders and users. Wila continues to invest in the latest bending technology. Objective: raise productivity of the press brake in the market for sheet metal working to ever-greater heights.

E2M® system crowned with Platinum Techni-Show Innovation Award!

The Innovation Awards and the Made in Holland Award were conferred to the nominees, which included Wila’s E2M® system, during the Techni-Show on 11 March. We can proudly inform you that our E2M® system was crowned with the Platinum Techni-Show Innovation Award! This is the leading distinction for innovations in the metal industry.

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Update to the New Standard Premium range
Wila is casting new light on your productivity! New standard tool holders are being given a Smart Tool Locator. LED lights in the ruler show exactly where the tools should be placed in the holder. What’s more, the Smart Tool Locator has even more to offer in house for extra speed, precision and ease. The Wila E2M ‘Easy to Move’ range has also been increased and can be used to swap heavier tools quickly and safely.

Wila Press Brake Productivity Promo

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