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Press Brake Productivity Sales Info Bulletin: Pricelist & Catalog 2016


We would like to use this Sales Info Bulletin to remind you about our new pricelist and product catalog.


Pricelist and Product Catalog 2016

The WILA Press Brake Productivity Catalog has been completely updated. Aside from the new look and feel of the catalog, there are major additions to the product offering. The Heavy Duty line of Clamping, Crowning, and Bottom Tool Holders as well as Heavy Duty tooling has been incorporated in this main Product Catalog. 

You can download our new catalog via the following link:

Pricelist 2016
Besides the new Product Catalog you will find the 2016 pricelist. The pricelist will be valid as of June 2016 and will contain several changes. Overall tooling pricing has been updated to bring back in line the underlying principle between the process of manufacturing and the shapes, length and height of the tooling. This reflects logical ratios between the tooling based upon recognizable technical features.   

With regard to our Tool Holders change in market trends and demand, market strategy and internal production processes is reflected by a repositioning and revised pricing policy of several clamping systems and accessories. 

Should you have any questions with regard to this Sales Info Bulletin please feel free to contact us. 

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