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Press Brake Productivity Letter 2015-I: BlechExpo


This Productivity Bulletin will inform you about the latest innovations that WILA will show during the BlechExpo Exhibition which will be held in Stuttgart November 2 - 6, 2015

You can find WILA in Hall 1, Stand 1409.



Innovation: Tooling Identification and Positioning System (TIPS)

The WILA patented Tooling Identification and Positioning System (TIPS) continuously detects and identifies tooling in both the press brake as well as the storage system. Because the tools can be read with great accuracy, the TIPS system is able to indicate if the correct tool is being used, if the length of the tool is correct, and what should be the exact position of the tool in the clamping system. 

With this detailed information set-up failures and test bends can be avoided resulting in a substantial increase in productivity. This is especially critical in automated bending cells with automatic tool changing.
TIPS: Always the right tool at the right spot for the right job. 

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Innovation: New Standard Pneumatic Tool Holders

WILA’s patented Pneumatic Clamping system uses air pressure in combination with a self-locking mechanism to clamp the tooling. With air pressure (instead of hydraulic oil) tools can be clamped and unclamped extremely fast. This unique system further increases the speed of tool changes and results in significant increases in productivity. 

These Self-Locking New Standard Premium Clamping Systems (NSCL-II-SL/UPB) as well as the New Standard Premium Bottom Tool Holders (OB-II-SL/UPB) are especially well suited for smaller - often electrical - press brakes and press brakes with automatic tool change (ATC).

New Standard Pneumatic Tool Holders flyer »

Innovation: V-Lock®

The V-Lock® makes it possible to further improve bottom-tool positioning. A groove at the back of the tool is used to automatically align bottom tools in X and Y directions, and to firmly clamp them in place. This, for instance, prevents tools from sliding or being pulled upwards during the bending process. The V-Lock® helps to significantly improve accuracy and safety in the bending process. 

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Innovation: Easy to Move® (E2M)

With WILA's innovation E2M® (Easy to Move) you will be able to quickly and safely change (often heavy) tools and thus significantly reduce changeover times. This provides a major boost as far as productivity is concerned. E2M® bearings in the tools can be activated in no time at all, which means (heavy) tools can be moved easily, safely and quickly.

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Available at BlechExpo: Completely updated Product Catalog (print and online)

The WILA Press Brake Productivity Catalog has been completely updated. Aside from the new look and feel of the catalog, there are major additions to the product offering. The Heavy Duty line of Clamping, Crowning, and OB Bottom Holders as well as Heavy Duty tooling has been incorporated in this main product Catalog. 

There are also many other new products that have been added including the Smart Tool Locator option on Tool Holders and a new line of New Standard Premium Top and Bottom Pneumatic Clamping Systems.  Also many new Tooling models are available in the New Standard Premium programs.

The completely updated Catalog is available both in print and online at the BlechExpo (November 2nd)
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